3rd Annual Skateboard Education Summit

  • Tuesday, April 4, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST, USA (GMT-8)
  • Private Live Stream Event (Must have link)
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What's on the menu?

A gathering of passionate people from the world of adaptive skateboarding relating their experiences, concepts, coaching approaches, and future opportunities of adaptive skateboarding... and to sharing real life stories about the kids and adults whose lives have been changed, forever.

A little backstory?...Well, the term “adaptive skateboarding” covers a broad system of approaches that allow people with a wide range of disabilities enjoy the thrill, creativity and freedom of skateboarding.

There’s so much to talk about here but we’ll keep it short...Basically, thanks to the creativity of doers and makers, new instructional approaches, terrain, equipment and educational solutions have been created to allow people with disabilities including sight, mobility and cognitive issues and other challenges to jump into a world they might never have thought possible.

Introducing the concept of adaptive skateboarding

Coaching adaptive skateboarding

Experiences of athletes in adaptive skateboarding


Featured Presenters


Tracie Garacochea

Adaptive athlete and coach.  Silver medalist in WCMX (Wheelchair Motorcross) on the Dew Tour.  Paralympic hopeful.

A prolific creator of pragmatic solutions to help people with disabilities get on board, Tracie will be introducing her unique and real coaching methodologies to us at the Summit.  A passionate believer in getting things done and speaking her mind, she’ll be relating loads of interesting experiences and useful advice for anybody wanting to create skateboard learning opportunities for people with disabilities.



Miah Wheeler

High Performance Director and Head Coach for the US Olympic Skateboard Team  Former Head Paralympic Snowboard Coach - United States Olympic Committee

Miah’s two decades of experience coaching, running educational programs and competitions for all levels of athletes combined with his experience as head coach for the US Paralympic Snowboard Team give him a unique perspective to apply to developing methodologies skateboard educators can use to help adaptive skateboarders find a pathway to progress as far as they would like.


Josh Spoelstra

Adaptive board sports coaching curriculum designer

For nearly 20 years Josh has been coaching adaptive athletes, designing curriculum for coaches working with adaptive athletes and examining coaches for their adaptive coaching certificates.  At the Summit Josh will be sharing his experience and lessons he’s learned and will be communicating his ideas of how those lessons can be applied to the coaching of adaptive skateboarding.




Daniel Gale

Adaptive Skateboard Coach, Founder of Adaptive Action Sports, GM of USA Skateboarding

For nearly two decades Daniel has been working with adaptive action sport athletes of all ability levels. At the Summit we’ll be hearing from Daniel about his experiences and the insights he has gained coaching skateboarders with physical disabilities as well as the challenges of setting classification guidelines for adaptive athletes.